Design and Technology

Overview of Year 9

In year 9 you have the opportunity to work with a range of materials and will make a selection ofdifferent products based on the expertise of your member of staff. You may be introduced to:

Polymers and how to use them
Computer aided Design
Computer aided Manufacture using the laser cutter
Simple electronics

You may use Artists and Art Movements as inspiration. The specific design needs are set out in the individual briefs and the two of these will run together so that you can be productive whilst waiting for materials and processing. The work will give you a flavour of the GCSE course that you may choose to do.

Project Example: Let there be light!

This project focuses around a self-adhesive LED light. You are going to design and make an instant light for someone of your choosing. Not only will you create your own Design Brief but also a Design Specification for you to follow. You will also complete a morphological analysis of ideas and a final orthographic drawing of your final design.

Suggested Project: Artist Inspired Clocks

Design Context

‘Time Goes By’ a large supplier of clocks to department stores has approached you to come up with some exciting and original designs that are clearly inspired by artists or art periods from around the world. The clock must be made predominantly from acrylic and can be either wall hanging or table top, and have a maximum size of 300mm square. Your total material must not exceed this size but you will also have access to the off cuts trays.

When designing you will need to consider factors such as; products on the market, inspiration from artist, or art periods and material construction.

The areas that will be covered during the designing and making of this project are as follows:

  • Design brief
  • Task analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Research of an artist for inspiration
  • Questionnaire and results
  • Specification
  • Design ideas
  • Development of ideas; material and construction investigation
  • orthographic drawing, CAD designing using 2D design
  • Final clock designs
  • Manufacturing diary
  • Evaluation