Design and Technology

Year 9 Graphics - Perfume Packaging Project

You are working for a design studio which is hoping to win a prestigious new account for a perfume house.

The client is launching a new fragrance and has already decided that the name and promotional design work for this will reflect a specific artist and his /her work or an art or design movement. You are responsible for the overall image.

Possible Design Brief
To launch a new perfume to be marketed under a name which reflects a specific artist or art/design movement.

Your presentation folder will include:

  • Title page
  • Contents page
  • Need, brief
  • Research on specific artist/movement
  • Research on typography and logo
  • Research on bottles and box designs
  • Specification
  • Ideas for logo & typography
  • Ideas for bottle and packaging
  • Final design for bottle and packaging net.
  • Evaluation
    • Making

      • Prodesktop model of bottle
      • Packaging prototype