Design and Technology

Pop Up Card - Suggested Project

In this project you will design and make an ‘illuminated’ pop-up card. You will learn about different ways to communicate with lettering including ‘illustrative letters’ as well as how to manipulate forms using grids. You will practise the important skills of drawing and rendering, learn about pop-up mechanisms, and learn how to use ‘input devices’ and our graphics software packages.

Important things to remember.
1. Only design for ONE letter
2. You can draw in the letter yourself OR add it using the computer programme.
3. You must include a border that relates to your illumination theme.
4. You must work from real images NOT cartoons.
5. Limit the number of illustrations to no more than 5 separate images.

Project preparation

It will help for you to prepare for this project by collecting a variety of different typography/fonts used in common media products e.g. magazines, adverts, product packaging. You can make a collage of these.

Homework Schedule


What is an illuminated letter? Find examples of ‘illumination’. Present on an A4 and add your understanding of what makes your examples ‘Illuminated’.


Research Pop-up mechanisms. Use the internet and/or books to find examples of a variety of pop-ups and try 3 paper mock-ups of your favourites.


Test and Evaluate your card:
a) Describe the design and make process explaining what you think you are good at and what was difficult.
b) Get other peoples opinion of your card.
c) Explain what you would change if you could start again and why.

Project Worksheets

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