Design and Technology

Year 12 Product Design

Many students like to create a plan that will support them through the CW project. Below is an example that has been submitted - although it does not show every page that must be completed, it does offer a good 'tick' list to support students. Perhaps you should go through the specification for the course that you are studying and fill in the blanks. Why not set yourself deadlines to complete your work?

Task Deadline Date
Analyzing your chosen Design Situation / Problem / leading to a detailed Design Brief
Research Plan / Associated Evidence Detailed Design Specification
Design Ideas x 8 (1 using ICT only) Review against Specification
Testing of Materials and Production Techniques
Modelling of Final Development
Final Product Details / Orthographic / Isometric / CAD presentation Drawing
Production Planning including (Gantt Chart, Flow Diagram)
REALISATION (Make to perfection)
Evaluation against time planning and specification / production evidence / modifications / bibliography

Support Pages

All Year 12 students should be completing a candidate record form as they progress with their design and make. This form is for the external examiner to 'find' your marks. The more detail that is placed on this form the more likely you are to achieve the grade that you want.

Tips: Make sure that you include the page numbers that refer to the mark scheme for each section - this is your opportunity to 'show off' what you have done - so use your summary sections to bolster your marks.